chapter  7
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Tactics, Strategies and Lines of Flight

The last chapter focused on the emotional work of fathering as an affect that names its own content. By so doing, a spatial frame is made and unmade as fathers are made and make themselves. In the chapters that follow I put fathering frames into motion in different ways. Much is made of late about journeying through generations and across cultures, of telling tales that articulate the isolation of being and the anomie of places, that establish transnational existences and the citizenself, that move toward communication and co-mingling of identities, that adapt and adopt material affects. In this chapter I return to the emotive representations of fathering that I raised in Chapter 4, but here I put these bodies in motion with the hope that a search for the moving father contrives a series of emotions that conflate into an aesthetic of both care and hope. In Chapter 2 I talked about the search for fathering as a story without a beginning and without an end. And yet, even as a metaphor, stories become empty, or at least insipid, without a corresponding notion of a dislocation that opens up the possibility of surprise. With this chapter, then, I continue the arguments that fitfully bind the rest of the book by beginning a sketch of the importance of movement in/with space and through spatiality/subjectivity to the inchoate, affective post-structural, post-gender notion of fathering that ended the previous chapter.