chapter  9
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Geographic Solutions and Trials by Space

Rex pushes his shoulder-length grey hair out of his eyes. He is in his late 50s and has lived in San Diego most of his life. His life as a father has been turbulent, with a variety of events precipitating a series of moves around the county. These moves came from a variety of sources including job relocation, two divorces, a felony DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) and jail time. For a large part of his employed life, Rex was an electrician for San Diego Gas and Electric, working on the telephone poles and power lines. A few years ago he attained a Master’s degree in social work and is now a counsellor in child abuse cases. One of Rex’s passions is reading and he enjoys debate on issues of social and labour justice, especially if it enables him to elaborate his views against the current right-wing political climate in the US. His other passion is his two boys and his grandson, who he enjoys talking about at length. Rex talks slowly, with emphasis and care. His sonorous bass fills empty spaces.