chapter  3
EU Law Enforcement Measures
Pages 80

The previous chapter analysed international and EC/EU measures on smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings.

This chapter’s aim is to demonstrate that EU police and judicial co-operation has been enhanced by the adoption of important policy measures and by the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty. This chapter will stress that this new Treaty will replace framework decisions with directives, which means that all measures in the criminal area will be adopted by directives. Directives entail direct effect, and this means that individuals can rely on them in national courts. This chapter will explain the importance of the extension of direct effect in the criminal area. It will also explain that an effective fight against criminal organisations requires strengthening the European Parliament, and this result will be achieved because the Lisbon Treaty states that the European Parliament must enact legislation with the Council in the criminal area through the ordinary legislative procedure (co-legislative procedure).