chapter  2
Development of reciprocal roles
ByClaire Corbridge, Laura Brummer, Philippa Coid
Pages 5

Cognitive Analytic Therapy is an integrative model of therapy which, as its name suggests, draws upon aspects of both cognitive and psychoanalytic theories. When considering the development of reciprocal roles it can be useful to reflect on the interaction that may be seen between a young infant and its caregiver during a simple task such as bath time. As the infant develops the ability to communicate verbally, more sophisticated social behaviour may emerge. Young children may often be seen replicating events that they themselves have experienced; dressing or bathing their dolls or cuddly toys, taking them for walks in their buggies, or reading to them. The challenge in therapy is when there is a limited range of roles available and the absence of healthy roles to draw upon, as is often seen in individuals who have experienced severe trauma and neglect and who may have difficulties associated with personality disorder.