chapter  22
Developing exits
ByClaire Corbridge, Laura Brummer, Philippa Coid
Pages 4

The revision stage of therapy can be a very creative time. Strategies to aid change may include the use of collages to help a client explore their sense of themselves and what they feel is important in their life or to help them build awareness of things they value that may be missing. Such letters potentially offer an avenue to developing greater self-compassion, acceptance or forgiveness, and enable these to be identified as possible new exits from old procedures. The use of the client’s dreams in Cognitive Analytic Therapy can be a helpful way of accessing parts of themselves which are disavowed and may be projected onto others. Similarly with the use of drama therapy, the client can be helped to express and reflect on aspects of their reciprocal role procedures through this physical activity. Other therapy modalities may also be drawn upon to generate exits, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Compassion-Focused Therapy and mindfulness.