chapter  1
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Defining music video

Music video has many different and surprising precursors and is shown to have taken on its contemporary shape by remediating a wide variety of different media types. Concerning its trademarks, music video is defined by its very ability to resist such formal definitions as it constantly transgresses its own norms. As music videos exploded into the public consciousness following the launch of MTV in 1981, music video and MTV slowly came to be considered almost synonymous. Since MTV was the main delivery channel for music videos, it has been common to confuse the music video with its channel of distribution (MTV). Indeed, as Diane Railton and Paul Watson have suggested, "music video's association with television may well turn out to be a pre-historical anomaly". This is becoming increasingly true as music video has transmigrated from one main platform (TV) onto several others; correspondingly, a wider range of program types has replaced the initial 24-hour flow of music videos on MTV.