chapter  2
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Audiovisual remediation

The purpose of relating music video to the theoretical frameworks is to situate music video within the study of new media. The concept of the digital arguably entails a post-medial situation in which the boundaries between distinct media types are renegotiated; and the general audiovisuality or multimodality of many contemporary media types can be said, in large part, to be connected to the digitization of culture. This chapter argues that, because of music video's independence as a medium, any analysis must attend to both its visual and musical aspects and their interrelation-particularly in the current digital age in which the audiovisual tie between sound and image is taking on new shapes and is a fundamental part of not only music video but also most media. The inevitable distance that mediation implies is compensated for through an intensity of style: both the images and the sounds consist of multiple layers that interact in generating an affective and noisy audiovisuality.