chapter  3
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The musicalization of vision

This chapter shows that the image can be subject to musicalization in different ways and on different levels. Depending in part on the inventiveness and musical sensibility of the director, any kind of musicalization of vision is imaginable, and apparently it seems possible to "translate" almost any musical feature into a visual one. This "musicalization of vision" has arguably played a significant role in partially reordering the usual structuring of perception in audiovisual forms in general. Thus, music video participates in a wider development of moving away from a logocentric or iconocentric order to a more diverse order that prevents a single element or a single sense from attaining full dominance. In music video, it is exactly the interactions, connections, and correlations between its different elements that "create form". The chapter concludes "New York Is Killing Me" is a video that expresses the musicalization of vision to the full, but it is also an elusive music video.