chapter  5
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Hybrid spaces and impossible time

This chapter argues that hybrid spaces and impossible temporal structures found in music videos restructure the standard perceptual structures of audiovisual mediation. It appeals to Steven Shaviro's writings to suggest that music videos generally convey affect. The chapter provides a technological explanation for the audiovisual interpenetrations of sound and vision in music video, based on the similarities between video and audio technology. It argues that the musicalization of vision in music video happens not only as a consequence of a musical mediation of vision but just as often as a consequence of technological mediation of vision. However, music videos not only generate affect in reshaping our perception of space, they just as frequently excel in what could be termed "impossible time", where the regular temporal structuring of audiovisual forms is manipulated in some way. In order to explore hybrid spaces and impossible times of music video in analytical detail, the next section consists of another analysis of three music videos.