chapter  7
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Post-music video

This chapter investigates how music video itself is being remediated online. It provides a typology of new music video types before providing an analysis of three new kinds of music video: the music video apps of Björk's Biophilia, the "live" music videos called Take-Away Shows directed by Vincent Moon, and finally the deliberately fragmented and noisy GIF sampler Retrograde by Death Grips. Music video has undergone numerous changes that thus far remain unexamined in the research field, including the cycles of production, distribution, and reception. The chapter considers a kind of post-music video, or, at the very least, perhaps music video has entered a post-televisual phase. The entirety of existing music videos provided a readily available repertoire of such brief clips, almost as though they were made for online distribution in the first place. The brevity of music videos means that they take less time to produce than most other kinds of audiovisual forms.