chapter  1
Development of Strategy
Structural Components
Pages 22

This chapter argues the strategic development is a systematic evaluation process. Research of the brand and its competitors, paired with consumer insight, guides the strategy of the brand. It explores the brand, the competitors, the audience(s) and the media through methodical research. This would include primary research, which incorporates new information gathered by researcher-compiled methods, such as one-on-one interviews. Some methods include primary research, such as reporting usage via daily diaries and surveys. Other methods use secondary research tracking devices to observe and gather consumer behavior, such as online-buying cycles, consumer-created content, repeat visits, length of visits, trial purchases, retweets, followers, blog posts, online comments and engagement. The chapter explains the brand's team must determine the objective and go through the self-evaluation process. It needs to identify what makes the brand unique (USP) and it has to create an appropriate brand personality with a matching tone of voice.