chapter  2
Audience Strategy
Architectural Perspective
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This chapter discusses how to categorize diverse audiences. In addition to examining three main categories most often referred to in the Creative Brief, it also explores how these categories affect brand and consumer communication. The three categories includes: Demographic, Psychographic and Geographic. Within each category, there are subcategories with distinctive differences among the audiences. Demographic category includes groups based on Age, income, gender, education, ethnicity. Psychographic category includes groups based on Lifestyle, age-related perspectives, interests, viewpoints, purchase-motivations, purchase-deciders and influencers. Geographic category includes groups based on urban, suburban and rural consumers. Psychographics and Geographic's also point out easy-to-spot differences. Oftentimes, creative talents focus more on the lifestyle or psychographic profile. They want to picture the audience in their daily lives: where they shop, what their hobbies are, what causes they support and so on. Always remember to see the audience as multidimensional individuals and like-minded consortiums, not just numbers of nondescript clusters.