chapter  1
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Intervention by invitation

Colombian agency and the making of US foreign policy

This chapter inquires into the genesis of Plan Colombia, the foreign aid programme that transferred US$1.3 billion to Colombia during FY2000/01 alone. It reveals that President Andres Pastrana invited US intervention into many aspects of Colombia's internal affairs, from peace talks with guerrilla insurgents to the restoration of state control over Bogota's 'internal periphery'. The chapter also provides a foreign policy analysis of the origins of Plan Colombia, the United States (US) foreign aid programme for the eponymous South American nation that has been compared to the Marshall Plan in its scale relative to the beneficiary's size. The title Colombian agency and the Making of US Foreign Policy signifies the peculiar way the Colombian government used creative agency in the international system. The US government intervened in Colombia's internal affairs on a much grander scale than ever previously contemplated, because the Colombians prevailed on the US to accept their invitation on (some of) their own terms.