chapter  2
What is strategy?
ByJesper Falkheimer, Mats Heide
Pages 12

A large part of the discussion on strategy is based on a traditional and linear view of the concept, which assumes that a certain plan of activities and actions leads to a certain desired effect. Moss and others also concluded that research about strategy in the management field completely lacks discussions involving strategic communication and public relations dimensions. In practice, the classical strategy is very rare; few organizations fully work according to it. Within research, as described, the first strategy researchers belong to the classical strategy perspective, but they have been criticized since the 1960s. From a strategic communication perspective, the role of communication in the evolutionary strategy is very simple-the aim is to maximize publicity and attention during the launch of new solutions, products, and services. This chapter develops the reasoning related to the third perspective, the processual, focusing on its potential value for strategic communication.