chapter  5
Policing Gender-Based Violence
ByKate Fitz-Gibbon, Sandra Walklate
Pages 23

The criminal justice system has traditionally been male centric in theory and male dominated in operation. This is reflected in the notion of policing as ‘men’s work’ and the judiciary as a male dominated institution. This chapter will explore the extent to which questions relating to gender continue to pervade the work of criminal justice professionals. In order to so, the chapter will examine all levels of the criminal justice system and will consider the extent to which the traditionally male dominated justice system adequately responds to gendered crimes, such as intimate partner violence and rape. Within this, the extent to which applying a gendered framework to criminal justice can render visible important issues for men and women who come before the system as victims and offenders will be explored as well as how this impacts on those who operate within the various levels of the justice system.