chapter  10
20 Pages

Digital government strategy, leadership and governance

ByMiriam Lips

The strategic importance for digital government outcomes of a comprehensive digital government strategy, strong leadership and an appropriate governance arrangement, cannot be underestimated. This chapter explores these three critically important digital government areas of digital government strategy, leadership, and governance. In many digital government strategies a certain bias can be observed, which then also has implications for leadership and governance of these strategies. Three different sets of biases are discussed in this chapter. It is argued that a contextual approach is needed to the development, management and implementation of a digital government strategy. The chapter discusses different types of leaders and a number of activities that are critical to leadership success. Also, successful leaders will need to apply the complex public management lens in an integrated way with digital technologies and data. The chapter looks into layered multi-dimensional conceptions of governance and their critical implications for the evaluation of outcomes of digital government.