chapter  9
26 Pages

Digital citizenship

ByMiriam Lips

This chapter explores scholarly insights around the digital divide. Over time, multiple dimensions along which digital divides can be distinguished, have been identified. This binary perspective on the digital divide is broadened to a continuum of digital inclusion and digital exclusion. Instead of applying a technology perspective that is exclusively focused on (access to) Internet technology, an alternative, multidimensional understanding of digital divides is proposed which takes into account the wider socio-technical context of digital government and its unique relationships with citizens. The chapter further unpacks digital inclusion and exclusion issues for three different digital government focus areas: an area focused on digital technologies, predominantly the Internet; an area focused on data in digital government relationships, including government data, big data research and citizen data; and an area focused on digital government services. The resulting ‘gap analysis’ around digitally excluded population groups in digital government relationships is used in the final section of this chapter to explore citizens’ rights in digital government relationships. Such citizens’ rights could be used as input for the development of citizen-centric digital government intervention programmes.