chapter  6
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Professional Development Resources: Using the UDL Framework Across the DECAL—Elements to Support Change in Professional Practices

Teachers often experience professional development as a series of separate topic-focused workshops . If you attend a math workshop, you probably did not get specific information about adapting the materials for children with limited dexterity . If you take an assistive technology workshop, you probably did not get information about how to use the strategies with children who speak different languages . Teacher training often happens in silos that make it hard for you to put together the various recommendations and requirements being presented to you . When you can be an active participant in professional development that presents clear implementation goals and responds to individual adult learning needs, you take on ownership of your professional learning . The UDL framework not only changes how teachers teach, it can also improve how teachers learn . This perspective places a greater share of professional development

responsibility on you as an adult learner . We will show you how this works in the context of UDL . This chapter is intended to empower educators as adult learners and to inform professional development providers about these methods . We firmly believe that early childhood education is not just a job-it’s a profession . Professions are not determined by salary . They are determined by dedication to excellence and to constantly learning and building one’s knowledge and skills .