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Contemporary culture through the lens of video games
ByMuriel Daniel, Crawford Garry

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book provides an important perspective for understanding video games as experience, culture, and sociotechnical assemblage. It describes a consideration of how video games and their culture can help us understand aspects of social life such as work, education, culture, agency, power, experience, empathy, and identity in today's world. The book introduces complex notions that affect contemporary society through video game culture, making these ideas more tangible and accessible. It employs insights from a range of social actors implicated and influential in various areas of video game culture. The book discusses game studies into a number of scarcely explored areas, and sets out new theoretical and methodological frameworks for the analysis of video games, gamers, and video game culture. It explores the value of video games as a focus and tool for understanding wider social and cultural changes and processes.