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This is not a video game, or is it?
ByMuriel Daniel, Crawford Garry

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in this book. The book explores key aspects of contemporary reality through the lens of video game culture. In this sense, video games reflect and steer the fundamental transformations that give shape to contemporary society and culture. Video game culture is not the only filter or lenses through which we can understand reality. Video games and their culture are, accordingly, the beta test version of the society to come. The complex interrelations between the different types of actors in video game culture, including gamers, networks, hardware, software, and many others, along with its prosthetic, hybrid, and distributed nature, challenge the received notions of agency. This led us to rethink agency in the context of heterogeneous and post-humanist assemblages. At a sociopolitical level, video game culture shows that agency is part of both emancipatory and alienating practices.