chapter  3
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Legal structure of the airline nationality concept

Meisel has commented that three factors have diminished the interest of states or, rather, their effectiveness in resorting to the institutions of a governance-focal monopoly. The first factor is the multiplication of focal points that potentially compete with the national public institutions and risk destabilizing them. The second is that the production and financing systems initially set up in the framework of national focal monopolies have reached their limits. The third factor is the reshaping of the interests involved in the focal monopoly. Most economists have abandoned the initial conviction that airlines constitute public utilities with a tendency towards natural monopoly. According to the new prevailing economic doctrine, air transport is a structurally competitive sector. Some authors believe that the Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalization of International Air Transportation (MALIAT) clause represents significant progress in terms of the liberalization of airline nationality and that this agreement could be used for pursuing further reform in the airline sector.