chapter  5
Internal marketing and sales
Pages 31

This chapter revisits the role of sales in the marketing system, summarizes the current state of conflicts between the marketing and sales departments. It examines the possibility of interdepartmental coordination leading to future interdepartmental integration, and considers the possibility of applying internal marketing to sales activities. The chapter focuses on marketing and sales as central business functions of the firm and examines the current state and future possibilities of their integration. It also uses the terms eigyō and sērusu are considered to mean serusu in the broad sense, and the term "sales" in English is used interchangeably for these two Japanese terms. Emphasis has shifted from achieving monthly or quarterly sales targets to a relationship-building approach that is intended to maximize customers' lifetime value. The organization-based approach considered includes organizational sales activities conducted by a sales team and activities that are based on close integration with other departments and effective utilization of their resources.