chapter  1
Nietzsche, the wandering philosopher
Pages 30

The author focuses on the ways in which this appropriation or creation of a home at the cost of exclusion is created through order, purpose, and norms in a world that is, according to Nietzsche, without order, purpose, and norms. The author also thinks through Nietzsche's idea of nature without value, in conjunction with the tendency to produce and create value. The philosopher who celebrated the death of God was certainly enthused to find an account of the world in which only atoms and empty space exist. It gave Nietzsche hope that an understanding of the world beyond good and evil, a philosophy without anthropomorphism and supernatural ideas, existed in the very beginning of Western thought. Nietzsche suggests that God did exist, at least in our minds. The image of killing God reflects the idea that we have killed one truth, and consequently they are in need of another truth.