chapter  11
Strange Realities, Adequate Fictions
Pages 55

American culture, aided by possession both of the English language, the main world language, and the newer languages of communications technology, reaches everywhere, whether it is popular, serious, seriopopular or any mixture of both. American writing has reflected this position of power, growing more open to history, to the global proliferation of styles and forms, to the sometimes exhilarating and sometimes depressing new span of human curiosity. In intellectual life, the sense that all realities were constituting fictions was a notion not confined to artists alone nor journalists, nor historians. American literature has its many triumphs, but they have most often arisen from disparate and largely unexamined theories of writing. When centuries and millennia end, the imaginative arts are apt to take on a special significance. Time as well as space is a new frontier, another "Newfounde land". And it too demands its discovering fictions, fictions adequate to explore the strange, ever more plural world to come.