chapter  8
The Medina and Mecca Caravans
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These caravans go from Medina to Mecca to perform the two pilgrimages-major (hajj) and minor (‘umra). We have already explained that there are no shuqdhuf, mahara, shibriyya, takht, or similar accouterments [on these occasions]. Rather, the caravans are composed of dromedaries, nags, and donkeys. There are five such caravans per year, at most. There may be fewer, proportionate to the number of pilgrims from the people of Medina. The five caravans are called as follows: ‘Abbas Efendi, al-Khiyari, Shaykh Muhammad al-Daghistani, Shaykh Muhammad Hawwala, Aghas of the Shrine in Medina. In the past year [only] four caravans went out.