chapter  16
How the Construction of the
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The camels which the Bedouins of Hejaz rent out of Yanbu‘ for the trip to Medina to visitors of the Prophet’s tomb, merchants, and pilgrims, [136] will increase manifold in number after the prolongation of the railway line [to Hejaz]. The reason is that the inhabitants of those parts, who pass by Yanbu‘ on their way to Jedda, now do one of the following: they go out to Yanbu* and rent their camels to the caravans that proceed to Medina, some of them [do business] with the caravans proceeding from Medina to Mecca, or with the Syrian caravan; when the pilgrims proceed to Mecca, they return to their own countries via Jedda, without returning again to Medina and then to Yanbu‘. Or they go directly to Jedda, thence to Mecca; and later, with the caravans that proceed from Mecca to Medina or with the Syrian caravan, to Yanbu‘, whence the pilgrims return home. All these visitors visit [Medina] just once, either before the pilgrimage [to Mecca] or after it, as it is possible for them. They do not visit [Medina] twice, due to the hardship of the way and the danger of riding in the caravans.