chapter  36
Technology-Based Delivery of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
WithTheo Tsaousides, Teresa Ashman
Pages 11

This chapter provides a broad description of the state of telerehabilitation for neuropsychological interventions. It reviews the neurological disorders for which interventions have been outlined in the literature. The chapter describes the various methods of delivering the existing interventions and outcomes targeted. While the evidence that has accumulated supports the use of telerehabilitation interventions from a feasibility perspective, a lot more research is needed to justify the need to transition and expand existing services into the technology-based landscape and to generate practice guidelines. The range of physical and cognitive symptoms caused by stroke can be chronic, and typically require physical, speech and occupational therapies, and neuropsychological treatment. The earliest and most common type of therapist-facilitated telerehabilitation is one-on-one delivery of the intervention over the telephone. More recently, as additional technologies have become widely available, different modalities can be incorporated into the treatments.