chapter  7
From PLC implementation to PLC sustainability
The pivotal role of district support
WithDianne F. Olivier, Patrice B. Pujol, Steve V. Westbrook, Jennifer G. Tuttleton
Pages 17

The purpose of this chapter is to share findings from a qualitative research study designed to explore district-level support of the professional learning community process within and across all district schools by supporting teacher collaborative practices. This case study describes a district transformational process based on data gathered through qualitative methodology including observations, document analyses, and individual and focus group interviews. It illustrates the re-culturing of a district as a professional learning community and the overall district transformation to a culture of learning centered on district and school level administrators' collaborative work with teachers to sustain a strong professional culture fostering ongoing learning for all. The district's first attempts at school improvement efforts were to engage teacher leaders at the district level, knowing the importance of a high-quality classroom teacher. One key responsibility of the principal is to reduce the disparity of instructional quality from classroom to classroom within the school.