chapter  1
Taking the lead
Teachers leading educational reform through collaborative enquiry in Scotland
WithChristopher Chapman, Hannah Chestnutt, Niamh Friel, Stuart Hall, Kevin Lowden
Pages 21

Education systems around the world are continually striving to improve their overall standard of educational provision and also to close the gap in outcomes between children from more and less advantaged backgrounds. Raising educational outcomes, especially in disadvantaged communities, requires the alignment of change processes in curriculum development, teacher development and school self-evaluation. The Scottish education system has evolved over time, developing its own identity, culture and traditions that are rooted in the eighteenth-century Scottish Enlightenment. Thus, the Scottish education system is different from other parts of the United Kingdom, particularly England. The School Improvement Partnership Programme (SIPP) is an evidence-based approach to educational change, underpinned by joint practice development. The programme involves schools and local authorities working in partnership. The SIPP aligns with and reinforces a number of key national policies, including Curriculum for Excellence, Teaching Scotland's Future, the SCEL Fellowship Programme and Raising Attainment for All.