chapter  10
Toward a Computational Neuropsychol ogy of High-Level Vision
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Visual processes in humans have recently been studied from three distinct per­ spectives, with only the barest amount of cross fertilization among them. In this chapter we consider a way of melding the approaches of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Psychology, and Neuropsychology, and explore the advantages of such a hybrid approach. Each of the individual approaches has its strengths and weaknesses, but these are different for each of them; by combining the three, we are in a position to take advantage of each one’s strengths and may be able to circumvent each one’s weaknesses. Although I believe that most of the observa­ tions offered in this chapter generalize to the study of all cognitive abilities, I restrict the examples to vision. Vision has been the subject of intense study in the three disciplines, and the evidence seems clear at least in this case that there is much to be gained by combining the approaches.