chapter  3
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The History of Homelessness: America and Denver

This chapter presents stories of homeless people to allow the reader to learn as the guests at a homeless shelter speak about themselves. It narrates the expereinces of the residents during the author's visit to the Hope Communities, accompanied by Ray and Marilyn Stranske, founders of the organization. The author was taken around the the Kittyhawk and Canterbury Apartments. Hope Communities supplants the invisible hand of the marketplace with the visible hand of compassion. According to a Hope Communities builder, trust can be encouraged by means of providing voice to the residents, even inviting police officers to their meetings. Many of the residents felt that they would be homeless if not for Hope Communities; they also expressed feelings about the spirit of community and support. The visible hand of compassion at work for Hope Communities gave the author hope, a hope that homelessness could be reduced through cooperation among nonprofits plus national, state, and local governments.