chapter  5
Where the Green Ants Dream: Aspects of Community in Six Parts
Pages 18

The terrorist events of September 11, 2001, highlighted that differences in location, culture, and states of consciousness have made others “Other” to us and us to them. As we struggle to analyze the differences among humans-those within our self-defined communities and those outside, those who are sympathetic to a shared version of modernity and those who are not-we also need to attempt to remember the samenesses. Existing as it does in both all space and no space, our species’s nature is utopian-of no place-yet omnipresent, an idea, a state of being so basic to our selfunderstanding that it is often ignored. Among the billions of categories of organisms that exist on this planet, from the cicadas in the garden to the cat sitting comfortably at my feet when I began working on this chapter, it is still with other humans that we share the greatest similarities.