chapter  9
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The Extension of the Moral Bases of Economic Conduct

The resolution of the strain between ecology and economy is associated in turn with the globalization process, which will continue into the future and affect in turn the prospects for any extension of the process of the moralization of the markets. The ways in which ecological and economic goals either converge or remain at odds, as many observers diagnose, depends on the evolution of major societal processes. The economists emphasizes the preeminent role of the market and utility considerations; the ecologists stress the overriding significance of the biosphere and sustainability; while sociologists consider sociopolitical or normative issues and incentive structures to be of utmost importance. A dematerialization of economic activities refers to both the relative and absolute reduction in the quantity of materials necessary to serve economic functions. In addition the centrality of ecological issues for the moralization of the markets, and the growth of economic results in the last few decades for morally coded markets.