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Conclusions and Prospects

The moralizing market refers to a kind of dance between consumer and producers in which the normative basis of the social conduct and the conditions of action that can be observed in modern market societies are gradually transformed. The western Marxism and conservative intellectuals shares a deep-seated sense of cultural pessimism, and a critique of the industrial and technological age or, more recently, the information society. The Marxists in western societies and conservative intellectuals agree, for the most part, in their diagnoses of the malaise that afflicts modern societies; but they differ in their analyses of the reasons for the persistence of the age-old power relations in markets. The much of the contemporary economic discourse and policy advice by economists continues to be firmly committed to the binary opposition of ethics and rationality. The recontextualization of moral commitments and cultural convictions occurs through active, intentional, reflexive, and creative agents, among both consumers and producers.