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This chapter concentrates on the McCarthy was quoted as saying, "It wasn't just a group of Republicans. It was a bipartisan vote". The Washington Post, ABC News, the website of the National Education Association, National Public Radio, and the World Socialist Website all used the adjective "bipartisan" to characterize the vote. The Transactional bipartisanship develops more readily in Congress because it involves dollars and cents. The budget agreement worked out by Senator Patty Murray and Representative Paul Ryan at the end of 2013 was a good example of transactional bipartisanship. The bipartisan pedigree of the two bills that passed the Senate was impeccable by any standard. The book evaluated the vitality of bipartisanship largely in spatial terms, in terms of scope and substance. That this may result in more polarization of the very negation of bipartisanship is one of the risks we run in a representative republic that offers none of the comfortable certainties of authoritarian rule.