chapter  2
United States Tells Iran: Become a Nuclear Power
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Iranian political activists criticize US attempts to use the nuclear issue. US officials scare Americans and Europeans with nightmares of a nuclear-armed Iran. But focusing on the nuclear issue has the opposite effect inside Iran. Iranians see their government under attack from a foreign power. Shirin Ebadi and Akbar Ganji are only the most in a long line of dissident voices in post-revolutionary Iran who do not align themselves with foreign powers. Conservative religious forces led by Ayatollah Khomeini, nationalists, leftist Muslims, and secular Marxists all joined together in hopes of building a new, democratic Iran. Terrorism is the intentional killing or injuring of innocent civilians for political ends. Iran's student movement has played an important role at critical junctures in recent Iranian history. The Iranian government, in its defense, notes that Iranian women are far freer than in US-supported Arabic countries.