chapter  3
The Bonoization of Diplomacy?
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Bono’s ability to make a great skip forward in the craft of celebrity diplomacy lies in his combination of passion with professionalism. Glamorous enthusiasts have skimmed the surface of the spheres of transnational and domestic advocacy, but Bono has managed to scale up both levels of activity. He made the transition from working as a supporter, spokesperson, and “famous face” for an established grouping via the Jubilee 2000 campaign on debt eradication to creating his own foundation and advocacy network, DATA, in 2002.1 And while not ignoring Blair’s Britain, Bono shifted his attention to lobbying the state at the heart of the global system, the United States. In doing so he navigated the traditional boundary between diplomacy and policy making, working through both international forums (most notably the G8) and the corridors of national political power.