chapter  2
The Lesser British Reviewing Periodicals 1802–1824
WithJohn O. Hayden
Pages 36

Besides the Edinburgh Review and the Quarterly Review, whose vast superiority is reflected in the deference often paid them by lesser journals, at least sixty other periodicals carried reviews between 1802 and 1824. 1 Some of these were founded in the eighteenth century; some survived the first quarter of the nineteenth; still others saw both their birth and death within the period under study; a few lasted only a year or less. There were all kinds, from regular Reviews to Sunday papers with only an occasional review; the majority, however, fall into the category of monthly publications, either Reviews or magazines with regular reviewing sections. With all of these reviewing periodicals contending for readership, it was obviously an age vitally interested in literature and literary criticism, for periodicals are a business venture and supply never exceeds demand for long.