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Knight Templar rituals in English are available only from the end of the eighteenth century onwards. From that period, however, we do have several.1 I have selected the She eld one, mainly because its obligation refers several times to ‘the Grand Conclave of England’. It is perfectly clear what that was. In 1791, when omas Dunckerley was invited by the Knights Templar encampment at Bristol to become its Grand Master,

he accepted the o er, and parlayed this apparently singular invitation into the creation of the Grand Conclave of the Royal, Exalted, Religious and Military Order of H.R.D.M.,2 Grand Elect Masonic Knights Templar, K.D.S.H. of Saint John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, etc., with himself as the rst Grand Master,3

from which the English Knights Templar Order of today developed. Indeed, there is much in this ritual from c. 1800 that is recognizable for a member of the modern Order. e ritual here included must be that, used under Dunckerley’s Grand Conclave of England, and Powell’s dating of it as of c. 1795, and written down c. 1800,4 is thus quite possible.