chapter  V
Mechanical and Paradisal: The Plumed Serpent and Lady Chatterley’s Lover
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The machine, inevitably, is within us: this perception informs The Rainbow and Women in Love throughout, and not simply in the sense that the individual, whether master or man, is conceived of as reduced in our society to a significance purely functional or instrumental. The machine is in us in the deeper sense that the great reductive principle is in us. The will, ‘the greatest of all control-principles’, is also the great ‘machineprinciple’, Lawrence observes in the essay on Poe. But because in in­ dustrial societies this principle operates tyrannically it does not follow that the effect of Lawrence’s art is to discount the principle altogetherto imply that it has no rightful part at all in our composition. In the discursive writings, it is true, he sometimes does go to these lengths. The essay Democracy is a notable instance.