chapter  22
Quality objectives and planning to achieve them
ByDavid Hoyle
Pages 18

Timescales are addressed by expressing objectives as being strategic (long term), or tactical (short term). Levels are addressed by expressing objectives as being corporate (company-wide), business process, work process, product or service. Perspectives are addressed by labelling the objectives as quality objectives as opposed to financial or marketing objectives. The sequence in which the requirements are addressed in this chapter is not indicative of a sequence of action, for example, the monitoring, communicating and updating of quality objectives comes after planning and ensuring consistency, measurability, taking account of requirements and ensuring relevance is all part of establishing quality objectives and not separate to it. Quality objectives are required to be established at relevant functions and these will be those organizational units (e.g. divisions, groups, departments, sections, etc.) that are engaged in the processes that are instrumental in providing products and services for customers from their conception to their obsolescence.