chapter  1
The Beginnings of Critical Thought
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A salient facet of the intellectual climate in the twentieth century the critical discourse on modernity' includes a wide-ranging set of different trends of thought that share a common critical alignment toward the Enlightenment. In the formative processes of modernity' as a comprehensive term that expresses an unprecedented change in the broad spectrum of human life, this term in combination with Enlightenment and revolution' forms a major conceptual motif. In other words, Michel Foucault defines the philosophical-critical discourse on modernity as revolving around the conceptual problem of Enlightenment as a central axis. The Enlightenment, a major milestone in the history of thought, is a central concept in a wide range of contexts of the philosophical discourse on modernity'. Articulating knowledge' as a vocation, the Enlightenment, now a project' of societal rationalization, acquires the meaning of reconceptualized reason' through a new social responsibility' whose formation is morally anchored.