chapter  1
Situating Relationships Between Women and their Babies in Domestic Violence
ByFiona Buchanan
Pages 13

This chapter concerns dominant views about the formation of relationships between women and their babies, and describe more specific concerns about the application of attachment theory when babies are born into domestic violence. It presents basic definitions of attachment theory that underlie current programs, policies and practices. This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book presents research based on women's lived experiences to address this gap, and in order to deepen and enrich the knowledge and understandings that are currently available. In this way understandings based on life experiences can lead to new perspectives and knowledge that hold significant benefits to women and babies in domestic violence. The book focuses on women's experiences to ensure that policy and practice, when they involve the relationships between women and their babies, do not fall into the trap of ignoring the expertise of those who suffer most.