chapter  9
48 Pages

Cities on the move: global exemplars of more sustainable transportation

ByPreston L. Schiller, Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

This chapter provides an overview of some cities around the world that are achieving significant gains towards more sustainable transportation and others in rapidly motorizing countries that are beginning to tame their traffic and shows some positive trends. Five of these are Vancouver (British Columbia), Portland (Oregon), Boulder (Colorado), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) and Seoul (South Korea). The chapter highlights some of their most significant achievements, some ways in which they are doing and some reasons for hope that cities in countries such as India and China may rather quickly curb their headlong pursuit of the automobile and not become automobile dependent. It examines some important data and trends in Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which suggest that there is no inevitable or inexorable trend toward motorization in dense, rapidly industrializing cities where the urban fabric has never been designed around the car.