chapter  10
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Conclusion: growing more exemplars

ByPreston L. Schiller, Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

This chapter discusses some of the forces and factors that may equally work against the growth in sustainable transportation. The academic and professional expertise that lies outside, and is independent of government, can be a very important part of the propagation and implementation of ideas in sustainable transportation. Sustainable transportation requires the integration of government, the community and the private business sector to implement change. Strong and consistent political leadership on sustainable transportation are in Boulder, Colorado, over a much extended period through local political figures such as Spenser Havlick and Will Toor. Leadership in sustainable transportation is honored annually in the sustainable transport award, led by a committee comprised of many organizations. The private-sector proposals inherently had the potential to involve greater land-use planning and to integrate high-density mixed-use developments, whereas the government-led projects focused more on the traditional Park & Ride lots at rail stations.