chapter  1
28 Pages

A highly mobile planet and its challenges: automobile dependence, equity and inequity

ByPreston L. Schiller, Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

This chapter presents an approach to characterizing, defining and exploring a few of the major issues associated with transportation and efforts to move it towards greater sustainability. It describes several differences between conventional approaches to transportation, business as usual (BAU) and sustainable transportation (ST). The chapter presents a brief treatment of the expansiveness and extensiveness of freight and passenger mobility and some aspects of transportation infrastructure to put some of the issues surrounding these into a broader, even global, perspective. It discusses two major issues confronting ST, automobile dependence and (in)equity. Among the many important factors and dimensions that shape ST, and which vary from one society to another are: culture and social organization, economics, political and social equity issues, environmental concerns, policy and planning, and interest groups. The chapter explores unequal access to transportation or urban amenities and necessities fostered or maintained by BAU arrangements.