chapter  5
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Urban, regional and intercity public transportation: policy, technical, land use and provider aspects

ByPreston L. Schiller, Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

Public transportation is important because it is one of the key building blocks of sustainable transportation. This chapter addresses several of the aspects of public transportation that are important to public policy and planning. It summarizes the main modes of public transportation, scope, as well as policy, planning and implementation issues. Commercial aviation is the most environmentally impactful form of intercity travel and, unfortunately, the mode most often elected or seen as a necessity for long-distance travel. The chapter discusses several of the environmental burdens of airports. It explores the central importance of effective transit systems to urban viability, in mobility, land-use planning and urban livability. The chapter provides a perspective on how well-planned urban transportation services and facilities can influence a city's shape and development. It examines the very important relationship between the modes and land use and transportation planning.