chapter  VII
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I do not agree. Of course we all know there is a lot of sham and false Patriotismsuch as, for instance, Pressmongers magnify and make use of in order to sell their papers, or such as comfortable, well-to-do folk with big dividends do so heartily encourage among the poorer classes, who can thus be persuaded to fight for them ; we know, in­ deed, that there is a good deal of very mean and unworthy Patriotism-the flag-waving variety, for instance, which we saw in the

Boer war-exultant over a small nation of farmers defending their homes, and whipped up deliberately by a commercial gang for their own purposes; or the narrow-minded, lying, canting variety which blinds a people to its own faults, and credits itself with all the moral virtues, while at the same time it gloats over every defamation of the enemy. There is a good deal of that variety in the present war. And it is easy to understand that many people, sick of that sort of Patriotism, would go straight for a ready­ made denial of all frontiers and boundaries.