chapter  XIII
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It seems that War, like all greatest things —like Passion, Politics, Religion, and so forth-is impossible to reckon up. It belongs to another plane of existence than our ordinary workaday life, and breaks into the latter as violently and unreasonably as a volcano into the cool pastures where cows and sheep are grazing. No argu­ ments, protests, proofs, or explanations are of any avail ; and those that are advanced are confused, contradictory, and uncon­ vincing. Just as people quarrel most violently over Politics and Religion, because, in fact, those are the two subjects which no one really understands, so they quarrel in Warfare, not really knowing why, but im­ pelled by deep, inscrutable forces. Spec-

tators even and neutrals, for the same reason, take sides and range themselves bitterly, if only in argument, against each other.