chapter  4
Preparing to Program
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Financial feasibility studies involve collecting demographic in­ formation about the market situation in the targeted area. Is there a need for a new hotel, shopping center, or other venture? Do too many exist in near proximity? Is another in the planning stage? Will another similar facility have a definite market advantage be­ cause of a more favorable location? Is there, or will there soon be, enough traffic past the site to ensure that customers will be avail­ able to purchase the product, whatever it may be? Will the traffic be passing the site at such a time and in such a manner that it will be easy, even desirable, to stop and take advantage of the services available? As was shown earlier, it is even important to know on which corner of an intersection a gas station should be located. The same is true for shopping centers and grocery stores. If a street-oriented business is located on the morning rush hour side of the street, it may not get as much business as one located on the return trip side, when the people passing by are running er­ rands on their way home.